Jimdo Legal

If you would like to:

- report infringing or fraudulent content,
- report phishing or spam sites,
- to provide information and to make a request regarding the prosecution of crimes and misdemeanors and to counteract threats to public safety and order,

Please click on the “report abuse” button below to directly submit your complaint via the appropriate online form to our Legal Department.

Should you wish to enter into a Data Processing Agreement(DPA) with Jimdo, please click on the button “Data Processing Agreement”. You will be directed to the DPA page which shall provide you with further information on this topic and the corresponding documents.

Protecting your personal information is Jimdo's top priority. We do not and cannot provide you with legal advice in accordance with the German Law concerning the Provision of Legal Services(RTG). At the same time we would like to address your requests for information within the framework of our capabilities as a do-it-yourself website builder. As a German company, Jimdo complies with the applicable data protection legislation and we are constantly and continually preparing ourselves for upcoming legal developments. To learn more about privacy and data protection as regards your Jimdo website, please click on the “Data Protection” button below.